Warnings & Disclaimers

Well, today I got my first comments from folks I don’t know and they were awesome, but I could also tell that they hadn’t read my “about me” section and I thought that perhaps I should state in a plain fashion a few things just for the record. That way, when I’m being a smart alec at some future moment, or my temper gets up because folks read me out of context I can just link to this page. *grin*

1. This is my ranting blog. While I may occasionally talk about the wonderful Christian people whom I know and love and am thankful for…they don’t make me mad. I don’t feel the need to bitch about them. So when I am criticizing, I am not criticizing “all” of any group. Not my style. For a number of reasons not limited to but including the simple fact that I have not yet met “all” of anyone.

2. My critiques are not based in a limited world view (but as stated earlier, I have certainly not seen it all). I have traveled to many churches of many denominations. I live in an extremely religious environment. I can read. I distrust the media, but am more than willing to censure people by how they behave and what they say.

3. My biggest problem with Christianity is not the points upon which we disagree, it is the points at which modern cultural Christians ignore the Bible. I do not want Christians to renounce their teachings; I want them to read the dang book and WALK it.

4. I believe very firmly that it is this wave of modern Christianity that is to blame for a large amount of the evil that these very people rage against. In short, many of America’s problems are THEIR fault, not all the evil they think is amassing against them. Cultural Christianity is not making the world or its adherents a better place. It’s making it worse.

5. I do believe that a good Christian is the very opposite of these people. I respect the loving, compassionate, and faithful even if we disagree on what may be seen as fundamental issues. For instance, my uncle is a southern Baptist minister and I do not want him to change one bit. I love and respect him dearly and when he says that he prays for me, I am not offended.

6. If you come here fully believing that you are a Christian (and I am not saying you aren’t) then know that I do not consider myself one of you. Hence the “recovering” part of my blog’s title. Please do not assume that I agree with American Christian politics. I think that life is a heck of a lot harder than a yes or no ballot, and I thank God that he is more complex than that as well. That said, my politics will more than likely get some page time at some point.

7. I will often quote the Bible. It is one of my favorite books. I read it and reread it. I understand that it is full of contradictions and that verses must be read carefully and within context. I primarily use the Oxford Study Bible which is mostly the NRSV, but I have NIV, KJV, NKJV, and a Living Bible in my library. I very often check them against themselves. I also look at the original languages in which each scripture was written, as words have meaning and those meanings change over time. When I quote the Bible, I will likely use a website that offers multiple translations.

8. Make no mistake, I love Christianity as it should be, even though we disagree sometimes. Most of my anger comes from how it has been used and how it has been twisted.

9. Sometimes I will use hard statistics or reference articles to back up my thoughts. I will link to them. But a large majority of my thoughts come from my own observations and experiences and as such my blog will be largely anecdotal. I have that right. If you have had other experiences, yay for you! That does not make mine wrong.

10. This blog is not only about how I feel about Christianity.  I am not just mad at the Christians or even all of the Christians; I am mad at the world. I am a gestalt, and my parts include various spiritualities, philosophies, and thoughts.  I’ll delve into each these at one time or another. This blog will also contain my adventure into memoir, which will at the least help some of you understand me, and at worst give my critics something by which to psychoanalyze me. 😉

11. I am often irreverent, silly, obnoxious, and loud. I enjoy language and use words that I would not let my nephew hear. I will try to tone it down in deference to other people’s sensitivity, but ultimately, this is my blog.

12. Oh, and…this is my blog. *snicker*



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