My Herd: the light of stars

In Our Hearts and Home:
  • The Second Seal-that would be me, general menace, recovering Christian, recovering Southerner, protector of the innocent. (where’s my cape??)
  • The Darkling-“whatever a sun will always sing”. Shrewd, cunning, freakishly stealthy. Geoffrey Rush as Sir Francis Walsingham comes most immediately to mind. Stuff of magic. The scary kind. 😉
  • Sundance-aforementioned red horse. lover of tiny things, children, and watermelon. Will sell out all for sweet feed. Took his Star 08 December 2012. I’m still adjusting.
  • Aloysius and Princess Gnarlslag– Monster Puppies Extraordinaire. extremely spoiled, mixed breed cat/dog rescues with guard breed tendencies. Will squirrel watch for food.
  • Turtle A and Turtle 1-brother Diamondback Terrapins. Wild foundlings given as a gift to non-turtle people. You guessed it, we rescued them.
In Our Hearts:
  • Athena-halfling type cousin person. She even has hobbit feet. It often seems that she sprung forth from my head.
  • Aries-fictive sister. Got her freshman year of college. We are literally as opposite as two people can be. Most days, I don’t think we like each other, but we love each other, and dear gods, have we learned from each other. By the South’s often disfunctional definition, that makes us kin. 🙂
  • Billie-fictive sister. Got her and her horse Chico within a month of getting Sundance. Together we formed the four pillars of who I wanted to become. Still lives in the Hellmouth (aka, our home town). Don’t ask me why.
  • Mum and Dadai-Biological Parents. Mum and Da-Actual Parents. Dadai and Mamai-Second String.
  • Smeagol-biological sister (parents: Dadai and Mamai). teenager. gods help us.
  • The Ogre*-much cherished fictive yankee brother. Lives in the woods up north with his pregnant wife, dogs, and snowmobile. I’m almost positive that’s the order of importance he places on them, but only because it’s not snow season.

*We do indeed use weird names and nicknames like crazy in my family.  We are also Southern, which means every aunt, uncle, or poppa that you hear may not be related to us at all biologically. Don’t make ’em less kin. (<-omz**, it was so hard to type that! *snicker*) And nicknames…I have a half dozen of my own, so does Athena. It’s almost like none of us have “real” names.

**I use omz for omg. you’ll get used to it.



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