How do I explain those two men kissing?

This seems to be the question and the argument of too many Christian parents. Let me break it down for you. Biblically.

“Momma, why are those two men kissing?”

“Because they love each other.”

Period. End of discussion. Because that should be all that matters. Do you run around as a parent and point at people saying “Look, little Johnny, that man’s a sinner. We hate sinners!”? No. of course not. So why do it in this situation?

Now, let’s say you have an older kid…one who has been hearing all manner of talk of sin and is just starting to study the Bible. Try this:

“Mom, why are those two men kissing?”

“Because they love each other.”

“But that’s a sin.”

“So is lying, dear.”

“But we aren’t supposed to lie.”

“No, we aren’t. We aren’t supposed to sin, but we do. And God and Jesus love us anyway and have commanded that we do likewise.”

“But aren’t we supposed to try NOT to sin?”

“Yes. But Jesus didn’t say “love only those who are trying not to sin”, did he? He said love one another. All of you.”

Now…if you’re me and you have the relationship with the kids around you that I do, the rest goes something like this:

“Do you think it’s a sin?”

“No. But I think hate is.”

“Don’t you hate puppy kickers.”

“Yes, but the Big Guy told me that was okay.”

If you want verses, I can give you verses. Well all but on that puppy kicker thing. Try Matthew 7:1-5 or John 8 or John 13:34-35 or The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats. That’s one of my favorites.


Abuse: Follow up post

Well, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I write when I’m angry. Or upset. Or inspired. But that last is for my novels and doesn’t find its way here. I have been processing a LOT. I’m still pretty angry with the whole group if I think too much about it, but after nearly three decades of trying to change people who do not want to change, I realized that I need to put them out of my mind.

The sad truth is, I needed to come to my startling (to me at least) revelations because I carry so much guilt for the way that I feel about that side of my family. I hate that love them some days. I hate that I don’t want to be around them…ever. I have too long let my dislike of these characters make me feel as they wanted me to, like I’m bad for it.

So at some point, I made some serious (if humorous) realizations. I informed my husband that I’m like Lot and simply need to turn away from all the wickedness of that place. Then I re-read Genesis 19 and remembered why I sometimes have trouble with the Bible. So, no, I’m not Lot, offering up innocents to assuage the sin of others and to protect people (angels) who don’t need it. (And do NOT get me started on the whole “I was drunk and didn’t know I was having sex with my daughters” thing).

So I’m not Lot, but I do need to leave Sodom. And I need to not look back.