Using the word “blessed”

I know…I owe updates. I would apologize for my slackness, but I am actually working on my books and that is an amazingly wonderful thing. That said, this was too good not to share. It hit my facebook feed this morning and I thought…whoa…that’s a bit of truth right there. So I wanted to share it with you.

This is my favorite part (quoted from the article. Can’t stress enough that these words are not mine…though I wish I’d thought of them. 🙂 )–

“12a Waitest thou for one second , Lord. What about “blessed art thou comfortable”, or 12b “blessed art thou which havest good jobs, a modest house in the suburbs, and a yearly vacation to the Florida Gulf Coast?”

12c And Jesus said unto them, “Apologies, my brothers, but those did not maketh the cut.”

Go. Read it. It’s thought provoking, but also, it’s just important. The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying



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