It has been a long and eventful seven months. I have started and deleted other blogs, but honestly, this one I keep coming back to. I like it. I like that it’s personal without being a journal. I like that it’s largely just an editorial of how I feel about all the things that seem to be on the minds of the sheep who are so numerous as to vote in changes that I think are stupid. I know that sounds negative, and honestly, I’m not that negative these days, but one thing has not changed.

I really do think that folk are just folk. I got offended the first time I heard Mal say that. I mean, I took it as a defense of what I certain do not see as a noble savage in Mr. Wedon’s ‘Verse. But you know…maybe Joss meant it that way, but I’m not so sure Mal did. (Also, if you haven’t watched Firefly and Serenity…well, you should.)

For me, people are flawed. I don’t buy that whole “original sin” thing, but if a lioness can have a pet gazelle then it’s completely within the realm that certain humans would not be content with the average humanness. So that’s me. Content within myself (for the first time in I don’t know how long) and content within my life, but sorely at odds intellectually, spiritually, socially, ecumenically (*grin*) with a large portion of the species.

I’ve tried studying them, and I’ve tried helping them, and I understand that I can’t help them because I see myself as other and man do I have big ideas about how that’s whole us vs them thing is what’s wrong with humanity. I’m working on that.

It seems right now in America that we are always talking about the same three things we talked about in grad school: Race, Class, and Gender. Social History. I actually miss economic determinism, and that’s still in there….heck maybe it’s one of the things that explains the problems that we have with the RCG triumvirate.  I know that I am a mostly white woman who grew up too close to the poverty line (heck, by today’s standards we were below it), and am now rather firmly in the burgeoning American middle class.

I know that I have an opinion on just about every issue that people are screaming about nowadays, but most of the time, I’d rather just hang out with the Darkling or write or paint or play with the Monsters. Still, tomorrow I’m going to post an opinion piece on the whole class issue. Then next week I’ll revisit some important issues on the topic of gay marriage and the debacle that was the Grammys. (No, I didn’t watch them. I did, however, watch my social media feeds explode and it is to these explosions that I make reply rather than the event itself.) If I have any readers left, stay tuned. 🙂



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