Reform: His- and Her- Story

I may have hit on this once before. I honestly can’t remember if it was here or my old blog, but either way, this is a new link to a great article, so here’s my Ryan Reynold’s movie anecdote:

There’s a cute little made-for-TV movie called School of Life about a high school history teacher, Mr. D, who speaks casually and often about the misconception of  history as “HIS-Story.” He calls it His and Her Story instead and as a historian who can tell you without question that women were integral to (and ignored by) the main historical narrative, I rather approved. (This isn’t all that the film is about, and I highly recommend it, though you’ll need tissues). I could say a lot more about gender bias and history, but the post that I’m linking to is long and says a great deal of what I would say anyway, and since I want you to read it (yes, all of it), I’m going to keep my own bit brief. And stop. Right here. 🙂

Challenging the “Women, Cattle, and Slaves” Narrative



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