Fragments of Hope: Letter from a Christian

A friend asked me once why I still love the Bible. She grew up in the Hellmouth right along with me and left as quickly as she could and I imagine that if she never goes back it’ll be too soon for her taste. She is now a self-identifying intellectual atheist and I think that my persistent faith confuses her as much as her persistent denial confuses me.

For me, I never stopped loving the Bible, or my perception of God. I love it like I love the works of select Transcendentalists, CS Lewis, and many of the Buddhist scriptures. I will always find comfort and power in the book. I don’t mind the seeming contradictions. I don’t need to find it without flaw. I like picking it apart for language, history, context, and subtext. I take exception with man, not the objects that man uses to such disappointing faults.

I rant at Christians not because I think that Christianity has run its course and proven itself obsolete, I rant because of its relevance and its potential, and because its message has been horribly distorted. Still, some things give me hope, and when I find them I will share them. The link below is one such.

What If Jesus Meant All That Stuff?



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