Heretics of the World Unite!….well maybe not, but can we at least get rollerblades?

I have called myself a heretic for quite some time, but even I find my gift for gab challenged when it comes to articulating this in a calm, rational, non-insulting manner. I have often said that I just have problems with everyone. And that might be true too, but I don’t actually think that I’m the irrational banshee I hear screaming in my head when I hear people speak in their imperialistic, condescending, fearful, ignorant manners about things that are not just important to me, but should be important to all of us.
I get angry when religious folks attack philosophy, or George Carlin; and I get angry when intellectuals attack the faithful. Neither camp seems to really know anything about the other. They base their opinions on a limited number of experiences and refuse to see the larger picture. I find that I can’t talk to either of them.

This beautifully written article might not say it all for me, but it certainly says most of it, and all of the important stuff.



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