Be Prepared! (please sing that in the voice of Jeremy Irons as Scar from the Lion King)

When I get back I’m going to be ranting about entertainment, gender roles, relationships, alternative lifestyles and why this world sucks.

A few warnings ahead of time:

1. I am not necessarily against pornography, though I have a rather complicated view of it with an awful lot of qualifications.

2. I am a reluctant feminist and, as usual, I blame the masses for my being so. Seneca Falls would have little to do, I think, with the agendas of those labeled so often as “feminazis.”

3. I am sick of the the “criticism=censorship” mentality.

4. I am not politically correct (in case you missed this).

5. I have recently decided that while I may not necessarily judge people on their choices and ideas that are different from mine, I do choose to judge people by what they venerate. Judging in this case does not have to do with whether a person is bad or good, going to heaven or hell, but whether or not they are a problem in the betterment of our world. (I realize that “betterment” is also subjective, but I think there are enough things upon which most of us can agree: decreases in animal, child, mental, physical and sexual abuse, violent crime, shifts in cultural values away from this entitlement crap, empowering people instead of teaching them to be good little victims….etc etc etc).

6. I will be discussing those problems. I am not going to get into bad or good, though I do believe that those are only sometimes subjective, but there are things of which I approve and disapprove. Perpetuation of stereotypes, romanticizing of abuse and rape culture, misrepresentation of cultures for entertainment purposes, unexamined lives….I disapprove of these.

7. None of us lives in a vacuum; we are not islands (no matter how much we may want to be). I believe, especially in a market economy like ours, that what you buy and what you encourage others to buy is not a right, but a responsibility. This means that things as simple as our choices in entertainment are demonstrations of power. We like to blame Hollywood and publishers for things that are out there, saying that if “they” didn’t sell then “we” wouldn’t buy them. But not only do we shell out our ten to twenty bucks for things, we say it’s okay, it’s just entertainment when those things are either symptomatic of a increasingly ignorant and depraved mass consumer culture, or worse we say that they have every right to be that way. WRONG. We have a responsibility to each other, to future generations, and when we encourage them to fill their heads with crap, we get exactly what we’re seeing in the rising generations.

8. Entertainment is a big deal. It shouldn’t be. But in a culture increasingly defined by leisure activities and one in which children are being educated primarily through entertainment, we cannot expect those children to “know better.” They look at things like Twilight and think that the relationships portrayed are the way things should be. They watch televisions shows like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars and think that such behavior is NORMAL, because they are not being shown a better way at home, at school, or in their churches. Children now do not distinguish between fiction and reality because they have not been taught to do so. They are not looking at these things as escapism, but as a pattern for being.

9. I’ve recently realized that I’m not sorry for who I am.

10. I’ve also realized that I’m a crusader.



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