This extremely relevant post hit my feed not ten minutes after my last post. Check it out. It’s good stuff. We cannot encourage discrimination or we will one day face the same discrimination. Thanks, Christians, for making me live a lie. Advertisements

Using the word “blessed”

I know…I owe updates. I would apologize for my slackness, but I am actually working on my books and that is an amazingly wonderful thing. That said, this was too good not to share. It hit my facebook feed this morning and I thought…whoa…that’s a bit of truth right there. So I wanted to share … Continue reading


It has been a long and eventful seven months. I have started and deleted other blogs, but honestly, this one I keep coming back to. I like it. I like that it’s personal without being a journal. I like that it’s largely just an editorial of how I feel about all the things that seem … Continue reading